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Prospective and Strategic Goals

The member universities of UT5 as strategic partners pursue the following goals:

  • Accomplishment of international joint technologies and research plans, holding international instructional and scientific gathering and workshops according to the members’ research and technology priorities and through organizing initiator groups in each case
  • To share their facilities such as research, technology, and scientific capabilities, international interactions, physical space, ….. for accomplishment of scientific intensive projects and plans nationally and internationally
  • Interaction and utilization of the member universities’ advantages for expansion of technical and scientific cooperation nationally and internationally
  • Promotion steadily the member universities’ ranking in the international ranking systems
  • Utilization of the members’ research and educational capacities for the accomplishment of joint doctorate and post doctorate programs.
  • Developing joint international programs and utilizing the members of each other’s educational environment for performing classes and directing master and doctorate thesis
  • Cooperation in electronic content creation for engineering programs and their online presentation and cooperation in online electronically presentation of joint international programs
  • Cooperation in implementing of engineering retraining programs
  • Cooperation in the establishment of the data bank on members’ alumni employed in Iran and abroad
  • Holding scientific competitions, and summer and winter schools jointly with distinguished universities and research centers nationally and internationally
  • Improving the legal organizing structures and revising them through the members experiences
  • Discussing on the promotion of technical and educational exchanges and admittance of international students and technical companies
  • Exchange of information and cooperation on international patenting and marketing
  • Providing the opportunity for visiting the laboratories and research and technical units for the members in order to establish the joint national and international cooperation
  • Cooperation in publishing and compiling of scientific books and journals internationally
  • Preparation of a joint brochure for presenting in international fairs
  • Acquiring information about the research and scientific demands of the international partners of the country through and with the cooperation of the Iranian consulates and detecting the joint cooperation approaches with their universities and research centers and arranging visits with them
  • Presenting the international delegations visiting each university to the other members for arranging joint visits
  • Dynamic cooperation and partnership in the events held by each member on scientific, educational, research, technical, innovative, and entrepreneurship issues
  • Using the members’ welfare facilities for hosting international delegations
  • Joint hosting the international faculty members for presenting courses as joint visiting professors
  • Exchange of international visiting students among the members
  • Cooperation with the similar university consortium in the world
  • Cooperation with the international technical consortium and university associations