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VOXGROWTH was a workshop from the series of the UT5 winter schools in which Iran University of Science and Technology collaborated with Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts with an approach to teach the generative and computational design and fabrication to Architecture students. The previous workshop named VOXWARM held successfully in China. Nevertheless, due to the pandemic period, this workshop was held online from 9-11 January 2021. A public call of participation was made by IUST Vice-Chancellery for International Affairs by informing the UT5 (5 Top Iranian Universities of Technology) and finally 48 students from both sides participated. VOXGROWTH was a three-day workshop in which Dr. Morteza Rahbar (Faculty member of School of Architecture & Environmental Design) was the main instructor and prepared students to employ Grasshopper environment to use differential growth to be able to design generatively. The output of the workshop was the students’ digital files and posters.